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Covid-19 - The recommendations of the General Calif of Tidianes

Calif General of Tidianes in Senegal, Serigne BabacarSy Mansour has made a new statement on the health crisis linked to COVID-19. For this newest outing on this pandemic which is shaking the world, Serigne BabacarSy Mansour reiterated his remarks that we should consider this pandemic as a divine curse. This is the reason why he urged everyone to resort to prayer, to repentance and to Zakât. In this sense, he rigorously invites the Senegalese to respect all the recommendations of the health services department.

Thus, Serigne Babacar Sy Mansour recommends :

- that all heads of families and everyone according to their means, to pay the following alms, to be given to the needy:
1 Kg Rice
1 Kg Sugar
1 liter of oil
- - formulate the following prayers:

Make 2 Rakkas

- At final salvation, nurture the sincere intention of repentance

111 Astaghfiroulah
111 Salatoul Ala Nabi
111 Ya Kaafi
903 Ya Latifou
65 Hasbounalahou wa nihmal wakilou
1 Surah Al Ikhlass
1 Surah Al Falaq
1 Surah An Nassi
Salatoul Alal Nabi

NB: After saying this prayer, wait about 1 hour before drinking water or a single sip if necessary. Sit down for a while and continue to nurture the sincere intention of a repentant. While reciting this prayer, get away from any distractions (TV, Radio or telephone). This prayer is to be formulated periodically.

Reacting to the debate on the decriminalization of homosexuality in many countries of the world, particularly in Africa, Serigne Babacar Sy Mansour wished to warn Senegalese parliamentarians against the vote of the Scélérates laws "To you deputies, keep in mind that any bill passed will be justified before God ".

Serigne Babacar Sy Mansour ended by expressing all his compassion to all families and renews his fervent prayers to all Senegalese, to religious leaders, to administrative and customary authorities, to Senegalese in the Diaspora.


Mardi 19 Janvier 2021

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