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In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful.
Surah An Am or Cattle, verse 70 “If in any gathering truth is ridiculed, we must not sit in such company, if we find ourselves in it, as soon as we realise it, we must show our disapproval by leaving”. Evil to him who evil thinks or evil does. Everyman is responsible for his own conduct, but the righteous have two duties:

1: To protect themselves from infections
2: To proclaim Allah’s truth, for even in the most unlikely circumstances, it is possible that, it may have some effect.
My fellow Domou Sokhna, in this country of ours, our dear republic of Senegal. We all have learned through the human history that, if we have to change from worst to better, or better to best, we are bound, first of all, to improve thoroughly ourselves and root out entirely the causes, and set up the ethics and cardinal moral values (mechanic instruments).

Then we have to apply our shining brain to change. Holy Koran came to emphasize that in a very bright and clear manner, “Inalaha la youghaîrou ma bi khawmine hatta youghaîrou ma bi anfoussihime”, which means Allah does not change the state of a people unless they change that within which in themselves.
In the same Surah, verse 68, where we are told that the life of this world is mere play and amusement, and religion and hereafter are the serious things that require our attention. Worldly people reverse this because they are deceived by the allurements of this life, but their own act will find them out.
The argument mounts up here, leading to the great insight of Abraham.

The true in faith, who did not stop short at the wonder of nature but penetrated from nature up to nature’s Allah (Allah not only created the heavens and the earth with increase of knowledge, we see in what true and perfect proportions all creations are held together).

Creatures are subject to time, but the creator is not. His word is the key that opens the Existence. It is not the starting point of existences but the whole measure and standard of Truth and Right, they may possibly be to our sight in the great world, aberration of human or other wills. But the moment the trumpet sounds for the last day, His judgement-seat, will with perfect justice, restore the domination of Right and Reality.

For His knowledge and wisdom cover all reality (Ina Ibrahima kana oummatan). Holy Koran, Oummat, a model, a pattern, example for imitation. But the idea that he was an oummat in himself, standing alone against his world, should not be lost sight of. The gospel of unity has been the cornerstone of spiritual truth for all time. In this respect Abraham is the model and fountain-head, for the world of western Asia and its spiritual descendants all over the world. Abraham was among a people (the caldaneans), who worshipped stars, and had forsaken the gospel of unity. He was among them, but not of them. He suffered persecutions and left his home and his people and settled in the land of Canaan. The spiritual experiences of the Men of Allah are given in order that Allah’s Signs may be made clear to men (that’s why I am trying to make my humble, little endeavour, hoping that it may be useful and beneficial to all of us).

Man is misled into Evil and must be guided to a sense of responsibility. Our service to Allah is shown also in our human relations, goodness to parents, and kinsmen, and strangers in need, as well as kindness to children. Purity in sex relations, justice and respect of human life, protection of orphans, probity in all dealings and avoidance of arrogance.

It is the privilege of Men of Allah to see the sublimest mysteries of the spiritual world, and instruct Men in RIGHTEOUSNESS. They warn and shield Men against Evil. But nothing can lessen each soul’s personal responsibility for its own deeds. It carries its fate around its own neck. Allah’s gifts are for all, but not all receive the same gifts, nor are all gifts of equal dignity or excellence.
May almighty Allah guide us, all of us towards his beaming light, Allahouma amine.

Monday March 22nd 2021 Ahmed Al Mansour DIOP Azizabad, Tivaouane

Mercredi 24 Mars 2021

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