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Live from the Min’bar – Friday 12 Ramadan 1437 - 17 June 2016. Muslim Moral Endeavour – A Must renewed Responsibility in a new context

Allah’s imperative to mankind is only one as He explicitly States (V56, S61), uniquely to show devotion (‘ibàda) but with sincere expression (mukhliçîna – V5, S98), and therefore paying due attention to both Allah and to the community. No expression, whether intention, communication or action should contribute to deteriorating the relationship with Allah, nor the condition of each and all within the community. We are fully responsible of what we state, and also responsible for the impact it brings about, whether directly or indirectly. The very notion of ‘good for all’, which the United Nations from this very city is seeking to establish as part of their work to solidly ground dignity and development, draws from that basic principle of Islam, as illustrated by the Prophet’s teachings – protecting the dignity of others. At the Mosquee of the Islamic Cultural Centre of New York city (96://2 th://2  street://2  at 3rd Avenue), Imam Sheikh Ali Mashhour delivered a Khutb to remind Muslims their fundamental responsibility to remain faithful and loyal to the Religion, and therefore to the dual dimension towards Allah and to the community. To illustrate the anticipated teaching of the Prophet Muhammad in this vein, he brought a couple of facts in Sîra and commented couple of related Verses from the Qur’ân. All  boils down to strongly advocate for the need to renew moral responsibility in a new context, without compromising any of the religion’s fundamentals.
Do not pretext your oath and treaties between you (stakeholders) to cheat and conduct in dishonesty, which will inevitably lead to losing ground from truth (religion), and you turning into the wrong path, embarking others in woe (V94, S16-Nahl). Allah is Warning muslims to watch their behaviour in particular in a moving ground context, where the media and politicians are deciding the topic, the focus and the headlines. Allah Calls to everyone to keep loyal and faithful to the spirit of their religion, which is part of their established identity, and not falling into the trap of what is called ‘modern history’. The most standard practice nowadays is to engage in so many various compact, treaty, contract with so many types of stakeholders, which unfortunately may compromise initial grounding to the religion, and that’s why Allah is Explicit about Muslims turning from their established identity once secured to slip into veering off compromises. Moreover, Allah Invites those whose faith in Him is established to avoid getting into controversial argument with those not sharing their faith (V108, S6-An’àm), as that might open up liberty for them to project offending judgements on Allah by pure ignorance, while believers will bear the responsibility of such offending statements ! Are they aware?!
To illustrate the moral responsibility that Imam Ali strongly brings about in his Khutb today, he reminded the teaching of the Prophet, as narrated in Bukhary (Hadith 5973). The most serious misbehaviour warns the prophet to Abdullàh Ibn ‘Amrabn ‘Al ‘Âç is to deliberately insult your own parents! How come astonished the crowd? By insulting someone else’s parents said the Prophet, because you then offer the possibility of retaliation which will then get to your own parents. Who other than you is responsible? We therefore need to watch not only what we do or say, but also anticipate the impact it may have, and it is our full responsibility. Here is how we can think seriously about that full renewed responsibility – not to foolishly obey to media and their chosen headlines. Imam Ali pointed out how media in US for instance are insisting on focusing on terrorism and trying to link it with religion, while it is so clear that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam (V78, S3-Ali ‘Imràn). How come asked Imam Ali that as statistically proven, one has much higher probability to die from any type of bombing than from terrorist strikes, but media and politicians are only addressing the minor facts at the detriment of the bulk? Why should we swallow and continue swallowing such cheating? Why surrendering our voices to the media and to politicians? Our voices said Imam Ali shouldn’t be shadowed by any other voice or statement inasmuch as we echo Allah’s voice who Will anyway come paramount (end V39, S9-Tawba) - and it should be more on the action than on the rhetoric.
Whether we sign up to the responsibility of protecting our faith from the course of life and how it subjectively evolves or not, it is up there said Imam Ali and we should as muslims turn to be renewing such responsibility more strongly even now as Ambassador of Islam, while some anti-Islam groups are attempting to sink it in dire straits. Responsibility as established by the Prophet to each individual of the community (during the welfare hajj)  means to smartly discard rumours, external influences, others’ views and connect by ourselves to the facts, the phenomena, the reality and then trust our own analysis, inasmuch as it sticks faithful to the fundamental and principles of Islam, which is precisely what the Prophet warned against – not to undermine anybody in his identity, wealth, honour, and integrity. Before the speech, the Prophet practiced it in Madinah in the Thummama Ibn Muthal story (narrated by Bukhary in Hadith N° 4372). Thummama did not have any problem with Islam, but was exposed to  invective statement about the Prophet and was then appointed to assassinate the prophet. However, the Prophet decided to treat him not as an enemy but with dignity to help him making his own view. He instructed the companions in Madinah to treat Thummama as a host, when he was caught up fraudulent and in flagrant target of assassinating the Prophet. Despite the fear expressed by many among the community of releasing him, the Prophet decided to let him go free after he was well treated and not considered at all as enemy or prisoner. 
He came back with his entire community to embrace Islam, convinced this time by his own judgment! It was not though the Prophet’s objective, but he wanted just to give him an opportunity to open his eyes and trust his own judgment, not borrow anyone else’s!
This is precisely how the Prophet invited everyone to step out from influence, biased views, deformation of facts, interpretative arguments, and apply personal and objective perception of facts and life to derive own factual perspective, and to call for personal judgment. The call is therefore to act not on what is spread over, whether by media, various vested interest groups, politicians, religious interpretation, but to open eyes and trust your view as an individual with responsibility to exercise own judgment that Allah Provides you with as part of your identity and dignity.
I had the honour to perform Hadaratul Jum’a afterwards at the Shaix Seydil Hadj Malick Zawiya of New York, deservedly set up on ownership status by the Senegalese community there. I had the privilege of praying there Maghrib and ‘Ishà, and sharing Iftàr in a great Ramadan session with the New York folks. I am very grateful to all of them.
I apologise to my standard readers of this production, most familiar with the ‘DdM’. I welcome the ‘LfM’ version, as I committed to some heralded interests for some time now that we surely need to open up and target more readers beyond one language. I used the opportunity of attending Friday Salàt in New York during this Ramadan to ice break it, and offer the ever first English LfM on this very timely topic. I have copied Imam Ali as promised, and will keep him in the mailing list, although he may need to translate more often!
 Best Zyars and keep going strong,  Ramadan is already half way.
Al Amin

By Al Amine Kébe
Samedi 18 Juin 2016

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