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In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful [RAHMAN and RAHIM] are both intensive forms referring to different aspects of ALLAH’s attribute of Mercy.

11RAJAB 1440.H 18 March 2019.

Today I would respectfully address this open letter (or a non-paper) to my dear DOMOU-SOKHNAS, in order to draw once again attention to the danger facing us. This world’s changing fast, placing before us an aggressive environment. But ALLAH’s purpose is not merely to humble, but it is also to lead from darkness to light. But teach (Thy message) for teaching benefits the believers (Holy Quran).

I must confess that, at the very outset of this endeavor, to warn my dear DOMOU-SOKHNAS that, each one of us moving within his or her own time frame, which was fixed prior to the arrival in this world.
“Those who listen to the word, and follow the best (meaning) in it; those are the ones endued with understanding” (Holy Quran verse 18 surah Zumar or the Crowds).

But Allah does not leave mankind without warning. Man has been granted a limited amount of freewill, and in order to help in its right use, all the consequences of his action are clearly explained to him. To those who listen to reason are given arguments which can be apprehended by their own intelligence; to those who are swayed by affections and emotion, an appeal is made in the name of love of Allah; to those who understand nothing but fear, the warning is conveyed by a portrayal of the dreadful consequences of wrong-doing. Dear brothers and sisters, make no mistake: there is always the danger that, Evil may seize us even if we approach it out of mere curiosity, if we take an interest in it we may become its worshippers or slaves. The wise men like you, DOMOU-SOKHNAS, should be able to eschew it altogether, and so you do enroll yourself among the servants of ALLAH, and you will get the good news of HIS mercy and good pleasure. Furthermore: verse 18 surah Zumar, mentioned above: the commentators construe this clause in two alternative ways:

1: if (word) be taken as any word, the clause would mean that Good men listen to all that is said and choose the best of it.

2: if ((word) be taken to mean ALLAH’s “word” it would mean that, they should listen reverently to it, and where permissive and alternative courses are allowed, for those who are not strong enough to follow the higher course, those endued with understanding should prefer to attempt the higher course of conduct, for example, it is permitted (within limits) to punish those who wrong us, but the nobler course is to repel evil with good: we should try to follow the nobler course.

Sous controle de l’éthique is the title of this paper. Under any circumstances DOMOU-SOKHNAS should be at the highest level of ethics. The role model for us to follow: ALLAH’s truth is continuous, and His apostles (Prophets) from Adam, through Noah and Abraham, down to the last of the Prophets, Muhammad; from one brotherhood. Of the progeny of Imran, father of Moses and Aaron, sprang a woman, who devoted her unborn offspring to ALLAH. The child was Mary, the mother of Jesus. Her cousin was the wife of priest Zachariah who took charge of Mary. To Zachariah, in his old age, was born a son Yahiya and prodigies: Yahiya was the herald of Jesus the son of Mary, and was known as John the Baptist. Jesus was of virgin birth, and performed many miracles. But those to whom he came as prophet rejected him, and plotted for his death. Their plots failed, for ALLAH’s plan is above man’s plots, so DOMOU-SOKHNA will it be with Islam, the truth from all eternity. The logical conclusion to the evolution of religious history is a non-sectarian, non-racial, non-doctrinal, universal religion, which ISLAM claim to be. For Islam is just submission to the will of ALLAH. This implies, (1) faith, (2) doing right, being an example to others to do right, and having the power to see that the right prevails, (3) eschewing wrong being an example to others to eschew wrong and having the power to see that wrong and injustice are defeated.

ISLAM therefore lives, not for itself but for Mankind. Different gifts and different modes of procedures are prescribed to ALLAH’s apostles. The argument about fighting, I would try to give only three illustrations from the past. How it affected ALLAH’s messengers, to Moses ALLAH spoke in clouds of glory: he led his men for forty years through the wilderness. Mainly fighting against the unbelief of his own people. He organized them to fight with sword for Palestine, but was raised to ALLAH’s Mercy before his enterprise ripened, and it fell to Joshua to carry out his plan. David, through a mere shepherd but was chosen by ALLAH. He overthrew the greatest warrior of his time, became a king, and waged successful wars, being also a prophet, a poet and a musician. Jesus was strengthened with the Holy Spirit, he was given no weapons to fight and his mission was of a more limited character. In Muhammad’s mission, these and other characters were combined, gentler than Jesus, he organized on a vaster scale than Moses, and from Medina he ruled and gave laws, and the Quran has a vaster scope than the Psalms of David. Now that we have come to know the nature of the Quran, it has become easier to determine the subject it deals with, its central theme and its aim and object. The subject it deals with is MAN: it discusses those aspects of his life that lead either to his real success or failure. The central theme that runs throughout the Quran is the exposition of the reality and the invitation to the right was, based on it, it declares that reality is the same that was revealed by ALLAH himself to Adam at the time of his appointment as vice-regent, and to all the messengers. It also points out that all theories contradictory to this reality, invented by people about ALLAH, the universe, MAN and his relation with ALLAH, and the rest of his creation, are all wrong and that, all the ways of life based on them are erroneous and lead to ruinous consequences.

The aim and object of the revelation is to invite MAN to that right way and to present clearly the guidance which he has lost because of his negligence or has perverted by his wickedness. If my fellow DOMOU-SOKHNAS keep these three basic things in mind they will find that, in this book (Holy Quran) there is no incongruity in the style, no gap in the continuity of the subject and no lack of interconnection between its various topics. Let us remember that, we all know that “no soul is burdened beyond its capacity”, but we are asked to seek the best and highest possible for us in conduct. Brothers and sisters, there is only a limited time for an individual or a group of people, if they do not make good during that time of probation, the chance is lost, and cannot come again. We cannot retard or advance the march of time by a single hour or minute. Never forget that there is time frame for each one of us. Deal or no deal, outcome or no outcome, please try to read and get the correct translation of the following verses: 125,126,127, and 128 the end of surah Nahl.

In this wonderful passage are laid down principals of religious teachings, which are good for all time. But where are the teachers with such qualification? We must invite all to the way of ALLAH and expand his universal will; we must do it with wisdom and discretion, meeting people on their own ground and convincing them with illustrations from their own knowledge and experience, which may be very narrow or very wide. Our preaching must be, not dogmatic, not self-regarding, not offensive, but gentle, considerate and such as it would attract their attention. Our manner and our arguments should not be acrimonious, but modelled on the most courteous, and the most gracious example so that the hearer may say to himself, this man, this DOMOU-SOKHNA is not dealing merely with dialectics, he is not trying a rise out of me, he is merely expanding the FAITH that is in me, and his motive is the love of MAN and the love of ALLAH. In the previous verse are laid down the principles of controversy for all MUSLIMS, if you catch them out you are not entitled to strike a heavier blow than you receive but it is better to restrain yourself and be patient. There, PATIENCE was RECOMMENDED. In this verse a command is directly addressed to the Prophet, “Do Thou be patient”, it is a command: His standard as the GREAT TEACHER is much higher and he carried it out in his life. His patience and self-restraint were under any circumstances of extraordinary provocation. In his human wisdom it may sometimes have seemed questionable whether forbearance and self-restraint might not be human weaknesses, he had to defend his people as well as himself against the enemy’s persecutions. He is told here that, he must not entertain any such fears. PATIENCE (with constancy) in those circumstances was in accordance with ALLAH’s command, nor was he to grieve if they rejected ALLAH’s message, the Prophet had done his duty when he boldly and openly proclaimed it, nor was his heart to be troubled if they hatched secret plots against himself and his people, ALLAH would protect them. My brothers and sisters, the surah ends with the highest consolation which the righteous can received: The assurance that ALLAH is with them. A double qualification is indicated for so high an honour; (1) That they should not yield to human passion, or anger, or impatience and (2) that they should go out with constancy doing all around them to attain to the presence of ALLAH in the sense of “ I AM WITH YOU” is the culmination of the righteous man’s aspiration. By the way let’s remember that as said at the very beginning of this paper you should always bear in mind that in salvation there is more positives than mere safety from dangers or evils, it is the complete fulfilment of the noble destiny of man in the attainment of the fullest GRACE. That will come only through “Sous controle de l’éthique”.

Make no mistake, there will then be no excuses of any kind. What comparison can there be possibly between the spiritual good which will endure forever, and any temporal advantage which you may snatch in this world which will fade and vanish in no time? And then ALLAH’s generosity is unbounded. He rewards you, not according to your merits, but according to the very best of your actions.

ALLAH is not intent on punishment. He created man virtuous and pure, he gave him intelligence and knowledge, and he surrounded him with all sorts of instruments of his GRACE and MERCY. If in spite of all this, man distorts his own will and goes against ALLAH’s will, yet is ALLAH’s forgiveness open to him if he will take it. It is only when he has made his own sight blind and changed his own nature or soul away from the beautiful mould in which ALLAH formed it, that ALLAH’s wrath will descend on him and the favourable position in which ALLAH placed him will be changed. When, once the punishment comes, there is no turning back. None of the things which he relied upon other than ALLAH can possibly protect him. Surah “RA’D or THUNDER” verse 11 “Of ALLAH, verily never will ALLAH change the condition of a people until they change it themselves (with their own souls), but when (once) ALLAH willeth a people’s punishment, there can be no turning it back; nor will they find beside HIM any to protect”

O DOMOU-SOKHNAS may Almighty ALLAH guide us towards HIS beaming light.


Lundi 29 Avril 2019

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